Byronic Sex & Exile is a project formed by Joel Heyes (Action Directe/Quasimodo/1919) in 2015, committed to reconnecting goth music to its romantic and revolutionary roots and the cultural legacy of the gothic. Musically epic and deep, with strong influences from '90s gothic rock such as the Horatii, Nosferatu. Suspiria, and London After Midnight, lyrically the project deals with themes of passion, insurrection, and doomed personal ambition, and leans heavily on the gothic literary tradition.


Following on from debut releases 'Crimes of Passion' (E.P, 2015) and 'Under the Gaze of an Indifferent God' (E.P, 2017),  debut album 'Gothism' (2018) was released to good notices throughout Europe and was accompanied by two full UK tours in September 2018 and April-May 2019. 

Another full UK 'Gothism tour took place in April-May 2019, followed by the premier of a new show 'The West Yorkshire Gothic Songbook' in August. Byronic Sex & Exile appeared at Goth City Festival in October 2019, the first 'Goth At The Brewery' event at Whitby in November and premiered a show of acoustic & protest songs in York on 5th November. 

A new mini-album 'Opera of the Wastes' was released on new year's day 2020. which will be followed by a new album 'Cu Foc' and UK tour in April. 

Praise for 'Gothism':

Trad Goth guitars and Synths are complimented by a melancholy voice, which is restrained, and gets under the skin. Spoken passages alternate with passionate singing. B.Sex are dark, erotic, a little decadent and wicked, melodic, and above all - very dance-able...Hedonistic musical night figures, straight from the opium den and dark, haunting bars. Irresistible!" - Sonic Seducer


“Big, bold and epic, rumbling onwards to a satisfying climax, wonderfully dramatic, delicately poised....This is an album of balance. It’s traditional enough in tone, atmosphere and lyrical content to keep the gothic community happy, yet rich and varied enough to attract the wanderer - as dark and bleak and blackly beautiful as you can get, but when dark and bleak is this much fun, what’s not to love?” - Reflections in Darkness 


"A timeless gothic sound" - Ukraine Gothic Portal


“Authentic British gothic-rock in a literary and romantic style” - Erba Della Strega


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