The new Byronic Sex & Exile album will be released on Friday 24th April.

Written & recorded in Leeds and Romania, 'Cu Foc' explores the theme of the gothic within Carpathian history and culture. Featuring the lead track 'Your Name On The Wind', the album features adaptations from classic Romanian literature such as 'Miorita', 'Eternity' which is adapted from a Lucian Blaga poem, and the three-part song cycle 'Luceafărul' inspired by the epic Mihai Eminescu poem.

The album is a reaction to and rejection of our current disastrous form of modernity, and ponders both returning to a despotic past and turning towards an escapist, postmodern future. Featuring new instrumentation and musical approaches, and by turns stirring, bleak and romantic, it builds on the acclaimed debut 'Gothism' and provides ideal hermit listening for our new, internally exiled Europe.

'Cu Foc' will be available on CD and download. 

1. Many Strange Things
2. Cu Foc I
3. Timisoara Eyes
4. Your Name On The Wind
5. Nosferatu In Furs
6. The Wedding Of The Dead
7. Miorita
8. Cu Foc II
9. Luceafărul I
10. Luceafărul II
11. Luceafărul III
12. Eternity

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